New 2600 Game - Explosive Diarrhea!

  Chris Read returns
  with another 2K
  hit, Explosive
for the
  Atari 2600 (first
  show at the
  Midwest Gaming
  Classic 2014).

  More information
  about this new game game can be found here.

On There Way! - New Games!

New 2600 games from Thomas Jentzsch, Simon Quernhorst, and Chris Read are in the works for later in 2014 and beyond. A few of these will be older but new games to the Packrat library of games.

Shooting Gallery/Minefield by Rafael Cardoso for the Odyssey2 and Traffic by Chris Read are planned for Fall 2014. Our first Odyssey2 hack game should be out later in 2014 or early 2015, along with a sequel to this game.

New - Vectrex on the Way!

In late 2014 (and into early 2015), Packrat Video Games, LLC will be taking over production of Vectrex games made by John Dondzila. All materials are in and most testing is done. Label testing begins, and then games will start into production. Looking forward to keeping John's games alive for Vextrex fans everywhere (plus games - and Mark de Smet's VeCaves / SpikesSpree too)!

As of July, Packrat has been given permission thanks to Jay Smith, to legally build any original GCE game!

Welcome to Packrat Video Games, LLC

Packrat Video Games, LLC is a proud producer of quality Atari 2600 and Odyssey2 homebrews and hacks. We also specialize in new classic video game merchandise, and are always looking for new projects! We appreciate your patronage!

Family Issue - Delay On Orders

Due to an issue (crisis to a point) within my family at this time, there will be delays on orders in October and November too. This is for the immediate future. Beyond that is unknow, but hopefully this issue improves and things can get more back to normal (here and in life).
Thanks for your understanding during this difficult time.

2600 Game Production!

Our current parts supplier has finally shipped our last order, and games are coming back in stock again. Those on any wait lists will be contacted. Otherwise, watch the 'Order Form' for any game status. The requested LotR game is back in stock for now.
We are continuing to work on getting deals in place with new parts suppliers, so we can do a better job of keeping 2600 games in stock. Thanks for your understanding in this matter!

(We are hammering out two potential new PCB design deals for current and future Atari 2600 releases, one of which could fix our supply issues with 2600 games for good. More info on this as these contracts moves forward).