New Games!

New games for 2017!

Bits N Bytes for the Vectrex First up is
 Bits n Bytes by
 (Binary Star), a
 compliation of 7
 games and
 applications for the
 Vectrex. This item
 is available  for

 (more coming in 2018)

Old games are back!

- The Test Cart (Rev 4) for the Vectrex is back in stock, something that now has full packaging.
- More to come...

On There Way! - New Games!

New 2600 and O2/VP game from Andreas Gustafsson (Spaceman Splorf) is in the works for 2018, along with some re-releases of older games by Scott Dayton.

For the O2/VP, Incoming from Ivan Machado will be coming out in 2018. Another game by Chris Read will be released in early 2018, The 50-Foot Talk Stalk of Celery.

For the Vectrex Packrat hopes to have Karl Quappe and Release from Malban, in 2018 (actual release date unknown at this time).

Welcome to Packrat Video Games, LLC

Packrat Video Games, LLC is a proud producer of quality Atari 2600, Odyssey2 and Vectrex homebrews and hacks. Packrat also specializes in new classic video game merchandise, and is always looking for new projects! Packrat appreciate your patronage!

Have A Great 2017 Holiday!

The backlog on orders for the 233 O2/VP Muilti-cart have been put on hold, pending an update to this product in 2018. No new orders at this time for this item.

Atari 2600, O2/VP, and Vectrex games will start invoicing and shipping by month end, as my inventory is built back up (nearly empty at year end).

Thank you for your understanding and patience! (Backlog status)

International Shipping Update!

The shipping rate for one Vectrex (or one boxed 2600) game has been lowered by $9, due to a new way to limit the weight of the package for International orders. Note that with lesser protection (which makes the package lighter), there is a slightly greater chance that packages could get damaged. If this does start to happen, Packrat will revert to the higher prices flat-rate shipping price. Hoping this works well, and helps cut the high cost of shipping one Vectrex (or boxed 2600) game overseas.