Coming In 2014! - New Games!

  In 2014, new games
  will be added to the
  site, as well as
  other merchandise.
  Specialty items,
  such as the mouse
  pads and DVDs
  will continue to
  be for sale too, with other items added over time. Special Services may be added too.

New 2600 games from Thomas Jentzsch, Simon Quernhorst, and Chris Read are in the works for later in 2014.

New - Label Change for O2/VP Games!

Those nice labels that have been used for O2/VP games since 2004, have been discontinued by the manufacturer. We can no longer get them, from any source. We have already received replacement labels, that will be die-cut. Same images on labels, but they will be somewhat different than the older labels. We hope our customers understand this change, as it is something beyond our control.

New 2600/Odyssey2 Games Soon!

Explosive Diarrhea by Chris Read was a bit hit at The Midwest Gaming Classic show on April 12-13. The game will be for sale on the site here very soon. Shooting Gallery/Minefield by Rafael Cardoso for the Odyssey2, and Traffic by Chris Read were shown too, but will not go on sale till May 2014.

Welcome to Packrat Video Games, LLC

Packrat Video Games, LLC is a proud producer of quality Atari 2600 and Odyssey2 homebrews and hacks. We also specialize in new classic video game merchandise, and are always looking for new projects! We appreciate your patronage!

KTAA - Back in Stock!

KTAA for the Odyssey2 / Videopac systems is back in production, with a newly re-designed standard-sized manual, complete with new cover art. Stock is limited for now, till we ramp up production in mid-April.

The 'free' new KTAA manual offer originally promised for prior KTAA owners is now detailed on the KTAA page.

(On a side note: Odyssey2 game prices will rise a bit on July 1st, 2014, due to various production cost increases. If you want the lower prices, buy now).

Sales Startup after MGC 2014!

With the Midwest Gaming Classic over (see banner below), online game sales have been restarted as of April 16th. It will take some weeks to get stock back in order, as some items sold out at the show. We hope to have things back to full stock as soon as possible. Thanks for your understanding in this matter!