Odyssey2 / VP Multicart For Sale!

Packrat is proud to announce that the O2 / VP, Multicart is now for sale! Note that there is a backlog of orders for this item. They will be built and sold first order in, first order out.

Packrat is glad to finally get this outstanding Multicart out for O2/VP fans. Thank you for your patience!

New Games for the Atari 2600!

Traffic Cop for the Atari 2600 New 2600 games
 from Simon
 Quernhorst and
 Robbie Hill have
 been released as of
 November 1st, 2015.

 From Simon, we have
 an older (but new
 to Packrat) game,
A-VCS-tec Challenge.

From Robbie, Packrat is proud to introduce Traffic Cop, a wonderful 1 to 2 player game of cops and robbers!

Both games are in the 2600 homebrew section, and on the Packrat order form.

On There Way! - New Games!

New 2600 games from Thomas Jentzsch and Chris Read are in the works for 2016.

Shooting Gallery/Minefield by Rafael Cardoso for the Odyssey2 is planned for late 2015, plus a new game from Ivan Machado (early 2016). Other games by Chris Read will be released in 2016, including The 50-Foot Talk Stalk of Celery.
Our first Odyssey2 hack game should be out in 2016, along with surprises as well.

Welcome to Packrat Video Games, LLC

Packrat Video Games, LLC is a proud producer of quality Atari 2600, Odyssey2 and Vectrex homebrews and hacks. We also specialize in new classic video game merchandise, and are always looking for new projects! We appreciate your patronage!

Order backlog and slight delays!

Packrat is still having some issues with getting orders done on a timely basis, mainly due to current ongoing personal issues by the one person who runs Packrat. Expect possible delays in orders, especially with the O2 / VP Multicart (there is still a decent backlog on that item). Things are improving in this area as we move into late 2015, but not 100% back to normal yet.

All orders received so far will be filled in order received. Thank you for your understanding and patience during this time.

More Games for Vectrex in 2016!

Packrat Video Games, LLC has taken over production of Vectrex games made by John Dondzila. Production of all 21 games was finalized in April, 2015, which means we have allmost all games CGC offered for sale during those past years (VeCaves is still in the works, along with the newly added Hex by C. Malcolm / Binary Star Software, and the Test Cart via Jay Smith [reproduction of sorts]).

Honored to keep John's and VectrexCarts games alive for Vectrex fans!