Odyssey2 / VP Multicart For Sale!

  After some delays,
  Packrat is proud to
  announce that
  the O2 / VP,
  Multicart is now
  for sale! Note
  that there is a
  large backlog of
  orders for this
  item. They will
be built and sold first order in, first order out.

Packrat is glad to finally get this outstanding Multicart out for O2/VP fans. Thank you for your patience!

On There Way! - New Games!

New 2600 games from Thomas Jentzsch, Simon Quernhorst, and Chris Read are in the works for 2015. A few of these will be older but new games to the Packrat library of games.

Shooting Gallery/Minefield by Rafael Cardoso for the Odyssey2 is planned for early 2015, along with a few surprises too. Other games by Chris Read will be released in 2015.
Our first Odyssey2 hack game should be out in early 2015, along with a sequel to this game.

More Games for Vectrex in 2015!

Packrat Video Games, LLC has taken over production of Vectrex games made by John Dondzila. Production has added three games in the March, 2015 (Tour de France, All Good Things and Vectrace/Vaboom, which means we have 10 out of the 21 games CGC offered (3/7+ for now). More to come in April, 2015. Honored to keep John's and Vectrexcarts.com games alive for Vextrex fans (plus Mark de Smet's VeCaves / SpikesSpree too)!

Welcome to Packrat Video Games, LLC

Packrat Video Games, LLC is a proud producer of quality Atari 2600, Odyssey2 and Vectrex homebrews and hacks. We also specialize in new classic video game merchandise, and are always looking for new projects! We appreciate your patronage!

MGC - Orders Closed Till Mid-April

Family issue has peaked, but things are not done yet. At this time, Packrat is still behind on orders, as family comes first. Orders are 'closed' as Packrat temporarily shuts down for the Midwest Gaming Classic show coming up soon. Packrat will re-open in mid-April. Thank you!

Orders will be filled, when time permits, without exception. All orders received so far are in a queue, and will be filled in order received. Thank you for your understanding and patience during this time.

Midwest Gaming Classic!

Packrat plans to be at the Midwest Gamging Classic in Brookfield, WI, on April 11-12 (and the 10th for VIG gamers only). We'll have most of our current selection of games for sale there, and hopefully the entire line of Vectrex games that CGC used to sell (time will tell if that can be done, but will try). Also hope to introduce at least one new game at the show. Hope to see you there, in the Packrat Games Underdog Chamber area (PGUC)!