Bombs Away! for the Atari 2600

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Author: William Pilgrim &
  Barrie Ellis
Number of Players: 1
Cartridge Size: 32K
Release Year: "1977" 2018
Controller: Joystick/Paddles

Pricing: Coming 2018
Standard Cartridge - $??

Flying above a flotilla of "enemy" targets, use your button to drop 15 bombs. Attack or ditch, turning your back on war. It's up to you to decide! A pure test of timing and anticipation.

Bombs Away! (1976) featuring Drop Zone 4 (1975) is a remake of the first one-button playable coin-op video game, and the first to feature a peace mode.

(You can read more about Bombs Away! at the Blog, or on AtariAge.)

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Game Access
Bombs Away! Game Accessibility Info:
One-button play and restart. Easier play option (game variation 3). High-contrast. Colour-Blind accessible. Deaf accessible. Flashing off option. No time limit.