About Us

Packrat Video Games, LLC opened its doors in early 1999 in an effort to supply classic video games at affordable prices to the public. Since then, steady expansion lead to a much larger stock and better facilities. Originally located in Jerome, Idaho, Packrat Video Games had served the local community as a small retailer and repair shop since its inception. However, due to higher demand elsewhere for classic video games and increased expansion, this Web site has been launched with the intent to serve a much larger market. We thank you for your business.

In November 2012, longtime Odyssey2 devotee David Flemming has taken the helm of Packrat Video Games, LLC, and continues to move Packrat forward into the future!

Note: Packrat is a one man show, from manufacturing to shipping, I (David)
do it all. Just an FYI for those thinking Packrat is a group of people shipping your game order out. Packrat is not Amazon, I am a gamer, who likes doing this for the gaming community. The one important exception to the one man rule is the programmers, who I give credit to, and for whom Packrat would not exist. Thanks to them!

If you wish to write to Packrat, please use the form link below to state why and what you want. Thank you!

David Flemming
Packrat Video Games, LLC
Milwaukee, WI, USA

Customer service may also be reached here (online form).