Odyssey2 / Videopac 233-in-1 Multicart! (v2)

O2 / VP Multicart cover
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Author: John Dondzila
Number of Players: game dependent
Cartridge Size: 1024K
Release Year: 2014 (for Packrat)
TV Format: NTSC and PAL

3D Printed Cartridge, Manual,
Plastic Box w/insert- $60
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The popular Odyssey2 / Videopac Multicart created by John Dondzila, with a combination of games, fixed games, demos, and concepts screens, totalling 233 in all (some work on NTSC or PAL consoles only). This is version 2 of the Multicart, with the switches for game selection on the top, front of the cartridge (do not ask for version 1, as that is no longer sold).

Below is a listing of the various games and such on the cartridge, with lists for 2K, 4K, and 8K.

2K Title List - 108 2K Titles In All
Game NameComments Game NameComments
1 A Labyrinth Game / Supermind Videopac / PAL Preferred Version55Invaders from HyperspaceOriginal Odyssey2 Release
2 Air-Sea War / BattleOriginal Videopac Release56Joystick DemoSimple Joystick demo
3American FootballOriginal Videopac Release57Jumping Acrobats V Videopac / PAL Preferred Version
4Background Grid Editor *Utility to draw a background grid58Jumping Acrobats V Alternate Videopac / PAL Preferred Version
5BaseballOriginal Videopac Release59Keyboard CreationsOriginal Odyssey2 Release
6Basket GameOriginal Videopac Release60Kinder im VerkehrGerman Traffic Game (Another Version)
7BattlefieldModified to stop Voice hum61Las Vegas GamblingFrench Release
8Battlefield Videopac / PAL Preferred Version62Las Vegas GamblingOriginal Videopac Release
9Bitfield DemoBasic Bitfield Utility Demo63Laser WarFrench Release
10BlackjackFrench Release64Laser WarOriginal Videopac Release
11BlackjackDoes not work on G7400 Systems65 Matchmaker / Buzzword / LogixOriginal Odyssey2 Release
12 Catch the Ball / Noughts & CrossesBrazilian Release66 Mathematician / EchoFrench Release
13 Catch the Ball / Noughts & CrossesModified to work on G7400+67 Mathematician / EchoOriginal Videopac Release
14 Catch the Ball / Noughts & CrossesOriginal Videopac Release68Missile Command Demo"What If ?" Concept, Limited Demo
15Character Set DemoShows all available O2 characters69 Mission Impossible / Programmed TripBrazilian prototype
16 Character / Sprite DemoDisplays Characters and Sprites70MorseFrench Release
17Chinese LogicBrazilian Release71MorseOriginal Videopac Release
18Chinese LogicOriginal Videopac Release72NewscasterOriginal Videopac Release
19Clock DemoDisplays simple countdown clock73Norseman Picture"What If ?" Concept, Only A Picture
20Collision DemoCollision demo program74 Out of this World / Helicopter RescueOriginal Odyssey2 Release
21Collision Demo IICollision demo program75Pacman Picture"What If ?" Concept, Only A Picture
22Computer GolfOriginal Odyssey2 Release76 Pairs / Space Rendezvous/LogicOriginal Videopac Release
23Computer IntroOriginal Odyssey2 Release77 PAL / NTSCTells if you have a PAL or NTSC Machine
24Computer ProgrammerOriginal Videopac Release78PinballAmerican Prototype
25Cosmic ConflictOriginal Odyssey2 Release79Pitfall Picture"What If ?" Concept, Only A Picture
26Cosmic ConflictFrench Release80Planet LanderWritten by Ted (Foolery) Szczypiorski
27Cosmic ConflictOriginal Videopac Release81Playschool MathsOriginal Videopac Release
28Cosmic ConflictAlternate Version82PongWritten by Rene van den Enden
29Dam BusterFrench Release83 Race / Spin-out/ CryptogramFrench Release
30Dam BusterOriginal Videopac Release84 Race / Spin-out/ CryptogramOriginal Videopac Release
31Dance Dance Revolution *"What If ?" Concept, Unplayable85 Race / Spin-out/ CryptogramModified With Black Background
32 Depth Charge / MarksmanBrazilian Release86River Raid Picture"What If ?" Concept, Only A Picture
33 Depth Charge / Marksman *Original Videopac Release87Route 66 VWritten by Rafael Cardoso
34DynastyOriginal Odyssey2 Release88Samurai * Videopac / PAL Preferred Version
35Electronic BilliardsFrench Release89Satellite AttackOriginal Videopac Release
36Electronic BilliardsOriginal Videopac Release90Secret of the PharaohsOriginal Videopac Release
37 Electronic Soccer / Ice HockeyModified to stop Voice hum91Showdown in 2100 A.D.Original Odyssey2 Release
38 Electronic Soccer / Ice HockeyFrench Release92Sinistar Picture"What If ?" Concept, Only A Picture
39 Electronic Soccer / Ice HockeyOriginal Videopac Release93SkiingFrench Release
40Electronic Table FootballOriginal Videopac Release94SkiingOriginal Videopac Release
41Electronic VolleyballModified to stop Voice hum95Sound Test *Simple Sound Test Program
42Electronic VolleyballFrench Release96 Space Monster (Alien Invaders Plus) Original Videopac (O2) Release
43Electronic VolleyballOriginal Videopac Release97Space MonsterModified With Black Background
44Flipper GameFrench Release98Sprite Editor *Simple Sprite Editor
45Flipper GameOriginal Videopac Release99Stone Sling V Videopac Release / PAL Preferred
46G7400 DemoWorks only on G7400 System100Take the Money and RunFrench Release
47German Traffic Game Version 1German Traffic Game 101Take the Money and RunOriginal Videopac Release
48German Traffic Game Version 2German Traffic Game (2nd Version)102Tennis Game Picture"What If ?" Concept, Only A Picture
49GolfOriginal Videopac Release103Tenpin Bowling/BasketballFrench Release
50GunfighterModified to stop Voice hum104Tenpin Bowling/BasketballOriginal Videopac Release
51GunfighterOriginal Videopac Release105Tone DemoPlays Various Tones
52 Helicopter / BuzzwordModified Version106Tune DemoPlays simple tune
53Hello World DemoDisplays "Hello World"107UFOOriginal Odyssey2 Release
54Hello World Demo IISecond version108Wizard if War Mazes"What If ?" Concept - Non Playable

4K Title List - 48 4K Titles In All
Game NameComments
109Acrobats V Videopac / PAL Only Version
110AMOK!By John Dondzila
111AMOK!Alternate Introduction
112AtlantisImagic Classic
113Attack of the Timelord VOriginal Odyssey2 Release
114BlackjackFixed to Work on G7400
115CalculatorWritten by Rene van den Enden
116Chex Maxime ** Odyssey2 / NTSC Version
117Chez Maxime *Jopac Release, PAL Only
118Clay PigeonBrazilian Release
119Computer ProgrammerAlternate Version
120Conquest of the WorldOriginal Videopac Release
121Demon AttackImagic Classic
122Freedom FightersOriginal Videopac Release
123Interpol ** Odyssey2 / NTSC Version
124Interpol *Original Prototype, PAL Only Version
125JG Munchkin V Timelord w /Dirty Voice
126KC MunchkinOriginal Odyssey2 Release
127KC Pacman KC Munchkin w /Pacman Graphics
128KC Pacvid KC Munchkin w /Pacman Graphics II
129KC's Krazy Chase VOriginal Videopac Release
130Looney BalloonUnreleased Game
131Loony BalloonBrazilian Release
132MonkeyshinesOriginal Videopac Release
133Moto Crash * Works on Videopac / G7000 Only
134Moto Crash **Odyssey2 / NTSC Version
135MunchkinOriginal Videopac Release
136Nimble Numbers Ned VOriginal Odyssey2 Release
137Nimble Numbers Ned V Videopac / PAL Version
138P.T. Barnum's Acrobats V **Odyssey2 Release, NTSC Only
139Pick Axe PeteOriginal Videopac Release
140PlaytagAlso Known as Catch, Plantage
141Pong VAdded Extra Features
142PowerlordsOriginal Odyssey2 Release
143Quest For The RingsFrench Version
144Quest For The RingsOriginal Videopac Release
145Secret of the PharaohsBrazilian Release
146Sid the Spellbinder VOne playable level then freezes
147Smithereens VOriginal Odyssey2 Release
148Super BeeBrazilian Release
149Super BeeOriginal Videopac Release
150Syracuse *Modified For G7400 Systems
151The Great Wall Street Fortune HuntBrazilian Release
152The Great Wall Street Fortune HuntOriginal Videopac Release
153The Mousing CatFrench Version
154The Mousing CatOriginal Videopac Release
155Type & Tell V **Original Odyssey2 Release
156Type & Tell V *Videopac / PAL Only Version

8K Title List - 77 8K Titles In All
Game NameComments Game NameComments
157Acrobats V +G7400 Plus Version196Night FighterPAL prototype of Comando Noturno
158Air BattleBrazilian Release197NightmareAlso Known as Phantom House
159Air Battle * Videopac / PAL Only Version 198Nightmare +G7400 Plus Version
160Baskeyball/Bowling +G7400 Plus Version (French)199Norseman *Works only on G7400 Systems
161Billiards +G7400 Plus Version (French)200Pick Axe Pete +G7400 Plus graphics corrections
162Blobbers ** Odyssey2 / NTSC Version 201Pick Axe Pete +G7400 Plus Version
163Blobbers * Videopac / PAL Only Version 202Plus version of Thunderball +G7400 Plus Version
164Clay Pigeon +G7400 Plus Version203PopeyeBrazilian Release
165Clay Pigeon +G7400 Plus Alternate Version204PopeyeThe Arcade Favorite
166Comando NoturnoBrazilian Release205Powerlords Alternate Version
167Cosmic Conflict +G7400 Plus graphics corrections206Powerlords +G7400 Plus Graphics Version
168Cosmic Conflict +G7400 Plus Version Alternate207Puzzle Piece PanicWritten by Ted (Foolery) Szczypiorski
169Cosmic Conflict +G7400 Plus Version208Q-BertThe Arcade Favorite
170Demon Attack +G7400 Plus Version209Quest For The Rings +G7400 Plus Version
171Demon Attack +G7400 Plus graphics corrections210 Race / Spin-out / Cryptogram + G7400 Plus Version
172Dynasty +G7400 Plus Version211 Race / Spin-out / Cryptogram + G7400 Plus French Version
173Electronic Billiards + G7400 Plus Version212 Race / Spin-out / Cryptogram + G7400 Plus Version
174Exojet +G7400 Plus Version213Red BaronNon-Plus Version of Air Battle
175Exojet NTSC / PAL, Plus GFX corrections 214Red BaronNon-Plus Air Battle Alternate Version
176Flashpoint + *Works only on G7400 Systems215Robot CityGT prototype
177Flipper Game + G7400 Plus graphics corrections216Satellite Attack +G7400 Plus Version
178Flipper Game + G7400 Plus Version217Shark Hunter ** Odyssey2 / NTSC Version
179Four In a Row + *G7400 Plus Version218Shark Hunter * Videopac / PAL Only Version
180Freedom Fighters +G7400 Plus Version219SpidermanParker Brothers Prototype
181Frogger ** Odyssey2 / NTSC Version 220SpidermanNo Level Intro
182Frogger * Videopac / PAL Only Version 221Stone Sling V +G7400 Plus Version
183Impossible Mission +G7400 Plus Version222Stone Sling V +G7400 Plus graphics corrections
184Kill the Attacking Aliens Demo 2Written by Soeren Gust223Super CobraBrazilian Release
185Killer Bees VOriginal Odyssey2 Release224Super CobraThe Arcade Favorite
186Killer Bees V +G7400 Plus French Version225 Tenpin Bowling / Basketball + G7400 Plus graphics corrections
187Killer Bees V +G7400 Plus Version226 Tenpin Bowling / Basketball + G7400 Plus Version
188Le Tresor Englouti +G7400 Plus Version227Terrahawks V +G7400 Plus Version
189Loony Balloon +G7400 Plus Version228Turtles VOriginal Odyssey2 Release
190Martian ThreatGST prototype (a.k.a. Jake)229Turtles VHacked version plays original arcade colors
191Martian ThreatEasier Game Play230Turtles VVideopac Release
192Moto Crash + *Works only on G7400 Systems231Tutankham *Modified to fix VOICE issues
193Mr Roboto VBy Ted (Foolery) Szczypiorski232Tutankham ** Odyssey2 / NTSC Version
194Neutron Star +G7400 Version (Best on PAL)233Tutankham * Videopac / PAL Only Version
195Neutron StarAlso Known As Black Hole  


Games followed by a * either don't work at all or are pretty much unusable on a NTSC Odyssey 2 system.
Games followed by a ** either don't work at all or are pretty much unusable on a PAL Videopac system.

Games followed by a + have the extra graphics support for the Videopac G7400 system.

Games followed by a V have support for THE VOICE! add-on module.

Games are selected using switches on the front of the cartridge.
Complete multicart use instructions are included.

Comes with cartridge, manual, and VHS box with sleeve insert.

O2 / VP Multicart inside box
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O2 / VP Multicart instruction booklet
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O2 / VP Multicart switch closeup
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